Customer Photos


The girls are enjoying their sleepover!

A party for 6

If you think the photos are cute then you’ll love the reaction video!

Pop over to our video section to see how these girls reacted to their super duper party


Isla and friends having a cosy night, we hope you had a fabulous birthday with your surprise sleepover.


This was Aimee’s 9th birthday party a few weeks ago, better late than never though right?

Girls just wanna have fun!!

There’s no better sight than a happy child ♡

Our unicorn bubbles went down well with this trio!!

Making memories ♡

The girls loved their breakfast tables

Night night, sleep tight!!

Thank you so much to Aimee’s mum for sending these to us ♡


Everyone’s favourite little beauty – Renea ♡

Renea has the rainbow tutu AND the pastel one!! But doesn’t she wear them well xx

Lilly and Maddie

A sisterly BFF night for these two ♡


Wearing her new magical unicorn hairband


Thank you for the photographs, we love to see the kids enjoying themselves.

Kiera’s 9th birthday party is in full swing and the girls look like they’re having lots of fun.

Little sister Skyler is enjoying the fun.

We hope you have a fantastic sleepover Kiera and plenty of unicorn dreams xx

– TUSC ♡


Little Ava-Rose enjoying her set up ready for tonight. She’s a big girl now and is having a super duper sleepover for her 4th birthday. We hope you and your friends have a wonderful night.

Our most adorable customer yet, we also have a really cute reaction video to post later on once we can figure out how to download it ♡


One of our little competition winners with her goodie bag.

We absolutely love seeing the kids enjoying their things. We’re so grateful for any pics or reviews. This is what makes it all worth while x

Our youngest fan

And another one of our little unicorn fans who won a goodie bag. Our youngest ever winner. How adorable, we love this. Thanks for sharing xx


Ellie-Anne had her sleepover set up in her unicorn themed bedroom. What a dream come true it looked.

We hope you have a fabulous birthday party Ellie-Anne and plenty of unicorn dreams ♡


Little Hallie enjoying her unicorn goodie bag.

She likes the unicorn keyring best!

And in her little unicorn outfit too xx


Ruby wearing one of our “Complete Magical Unicorn” outfit on her birthday ♡


Little Ellie testing out our “Magical Fantasy” unicorn headbands.


Our lovely little Hannah wearing the “Instant Unicorn” headband…. How cute is she ♡


Zoe and her friends loved their new “Instant Unicorn” headbands.

Zoe’s 8th birthday party, what a fabulous bunch of girls ♡


Our unicorn hotties have been given the thumbs up by our little product tester! Lovely and cosy to snuggle up to ♡


Little Renea loves her new unicorn headband “Sequins and Roses” they are available as an optional extra for parties or as a stand alone item to purchase from our store.
Renea checking herself out as a unicorn. You look absolutely gorgeous love ♡