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Glitter and Sparkles

We love glitter cushions and glitter accessories. Infact we just love anything shiny or sparkley.

We try to keep the Unicorn Dreams theme as girly and pretty as possible. Like every little girl’s dream.

Our next theme is going to be the polar opposite but for now we are concentrating on building this one up as much as we can.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, all feedback and cc is always welcomed x

– TUSC ♡

New business, Sleepover, Unicorn

Unicorn Dreams Accessory

Did you spot this over in our “Finishing Touches” section? You can also find a video over there of the glitter in action!

As part of our Unicorn Dreams Theme, this stunning little plaque is only for the birthday girl to use. It sits on her breakfast table because she deserves special treatment ♡